Happy 236th Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America!  July 4, 2012, marks the 236th birthday of the United States of America.  Traditionally, it’s a day for barbeques, going to the beach, parades, baseball games, flag waving, and fireworks. It is a day for us to celebrate America, and here at Timber Lake Camp, that’s exactly what we did!

The festivities began first thing in the morning where we enjoyed a breakfast cookout.  Our campers were decked out in red, white & blue from head to toe.  Some even showed it on their faces with some artistic red, white & blue face paint!

Everyone was then divided onto different teams: Red, White and Blue (good choices, right?) and we participated in a whole variety of activities: egg toss, potato sack relay, Bucket Brigade, scooter relay and so much more!  Towards the end of the evening, the counselors played softball against each other – “USA” vs. “The World”!  (USA won!)

Our grand finale of course was the fireworks! Fireworks popped, snapped and cracked high in the air and our campers cheered loudly. Another 4th of July at Timber Lake and once again, they were spectacular!  Red, white and blue explosions from hundreds of fireworks lit up the sky to the delight of our campers.

We spent the day in anticipation of the day ending as it did – with a BANG! Happy Birthday America!!!


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