Sydney’s Second Summer

Sydney is currently a 2nd grader and lives in Upper Saddle River, NJ.  But in just 2 short months, she will be moving to Mahwah, NJ.  She has 4 brothers, (Justin, Brody, Ryan & Cole) and is the youngest – and only girl!  Sydney also has 4 dogs (It’s a very busy house!)

Sydney enjoys swimming and hanging out with her mom.  She also loves going to Ann Arbor, Michigan to watch her brother play hockey for the Wolverines.  Sydney also plays on a travel soccer team.

All four of Sydney’s brothers went to Timber Lake Camp.  So it was only natural for Sydney to follow right behind them in their footsteps! This summer will be her 2nd  summer at camp, and she tells us she just can’t wait!

What you love most about camp?
I loooooooove hanging out with my friends!

Any favorite moment/memory from camp?
My favorite moment from camp last summer was meeting all of my new summer friends for the first time.

Do you have any nicknames?
I have a few! Beenie, “Syd the Kid”, SydneyBean, Syd

What are some of your favorites things?
My favorite book is “No Dogs Allowed”.
My favorite color is Pink.
My favorite song is from the movie Pitch Perfect, “Since you been gone”.
My favorite quote/saying “If you want it… You do it”

Has being part of the TLC family changed you in any way?
I feel more independent, and also gown-up like my brothers. Going to TLC is like becoming part of a really big family.  Bigger than my own family! (I thought having 4 brothers was big!)

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