Update from Camp

To our TLC Family,

We want you to know how much we have appreciated all of the many emails, calls and even visits from camp families, regarding the loss of Riley Sandler.

Riley’s parents have asked that we express to our camp families their heartfelt gratitude for all of the kindness, generosity and support you have provided.   Amazingly, online contributions to the foundation established in Riley’s name are nearing $500,000 and we have nearly 1750 families who have donated to the foundation at this time.

Click here to make a donation to the Riley Sandler Memorial Foundation.

Many of you have asked for an update, and with their permission, we are sharing a statement from Riley’s parents, a version of which was recently sent to their friends:

“As you can imagine, we would love to know more about what caused this, even though it changes nothing and will not bring Riley back. Doctors have told us that her respiratory failure was not a communicable illness nor the enterovirus currently in the news, and all evidence supports the best possible actions taken at all points by everyone who was with her.  This is one of the hardest parts of the tragedy for us to address and we are letting the doctors do their job to try to get answers, if possible. Please note that we realized when we donated Riley’s organs that this made this part of the process harder.  We made that choice anyway as we know this is what Riley would have done.”

Our hearts go out to Ian, Mackenzie and Brody during this difficult ordeal.  Regarding any future updates, our priority will continue to be respecting and supporting them and their family.

Again, we thank you all for the kindness and support that you have shown to us, and the Sandler family.

Jay & Mindy

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