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Meet Our Team

Robbie GothelfRobbie Gothelf

Robbie started at Timber Lake at the age of 10 as, believe it or not, a very homesick camper.

Robbie fell in love with TLC and continued to come back until he became a counselor in 2003. He eventually climbed his way up the ladder as a Group Leader, Division Leader and Program Director. He is now the Boys’ Side Head Counselor and has been a part of the TLC Family as a full time employee and Assistant Director since 2009.

Camp always was and continues to be his greatest passion in life (along with being an Indiana University, Jets, Yankees, and Knicks fanatic). Whether it’s getting up on stage to emcee a camp-wide event or spending time talking to campers, Robbie enjoys every second he spends at camp.

During the winter months, Robbie is in charge of the Boys’ Side staff hiring, programming, scheduling, managing campus upgrades, and of course, answering any questions you might have about camp!

Robbie is an advocate for SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) and has done work as a mentor to High School students in the Project Morry Coaching Program. He is already counting down the days until next summer!

Jackie Jacobs DiamondJackie Jacobs Diamond

Jackie has been part of the Timber Lake family for as long as she can remember.  After her years of being a camper, Jackie went from counselor to group leader and then division leader for the 8th and 9th grade girls. After nine summers working with the Girl’s Upper Camp, Jackie is now one of the Girls Head Counselors alongside Liz Mayo.

Jackie graduated from Syracuse University in 2008 and received a dual Masters in General and Special Education. She spent two years teaching in the New York City School District. In 2011, she realized camping was what she truly wanted to do year-round.

Jackie knows each of the campers and counselors on a personal level, and brings a fun and nurturing environment to TLC. She is always available to campers and staff, and supports them in making and keeping long lasting bonds and friendships.

Jackie and her husband, Evan, recently became new parents and welcomed their son, Landon, to the TLC family. They are excited for Landon to grow up at camp—just like Jackie! Landon’s first summer was in 2017 and he is already looking forward to many more summers up at Timber Lake!

Liz MayoLiz Mayo

Liz has been a part of the TLC Family for 16 summers; the majority of which was spent as the Assistant Head Counselor for Girl’s Middle Camp, ensuring that campers and staff had fun and safe summers.

Liz is now the Girls Head Counselors, alongside Jackie Jacobs Diamond, and together, they work to make sure that every camper leaves with new skills and interests, greater self-confidence, and self-resilience. As a mother of two boys who grew up at Timber Lake, Liz understands firsthand the impact that the summer experience can have on a child’s life – it is a place where children can be themselves, enjoy a pause from the stresses of the school year, and forge new friendships.

During the off-season, Liz is involved in program and staff development. Additionally, she meets with new and current camp families – making sure that the transition to camp is smooth for both campers and parents alike.

When not at camp, you can find Liz running on the beach or reading in her hammock at her South Florida home. Although she enjoys the tranquility of it all, it’s not long before she’s itching to return to Saddle Mountain – to be reunited with the amazing campers and staff that have become her second family!

Scott GlickScott Glick

Scott joined the TLC Family in 2014 as assistant to Jay Jacobs, the owner/director of TLC. His experience as a camper made an indelible impact on his life and he was thrilled when he had the opportunity to make his passion his profession. Scott spends each and every day working to ensure that TLC provides its campers with the best possible summer camp experience.

His enthusiasm for all things “camp” is contagious. From spending vacations thinking about next summer’s Marathon breakout to insisting that all his friends and family check out the latest episode of TLC TV, Scott lives and breathes camp.

Scott wears many hats at TLC, including hiring staff, developing new programs, and overseeing camp operations and upgrades. He is also an active member of the Programming Steering Committee of the Tri-State Camping Conference and is closely involved with the TLC Foundation for Children, a nonprofit that promotes the education and welfare of children throughout the world.

Prior to joining the TLC Family, Scott earned his Masters degree in accounting from Binghamton University and worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers while obtaining his CPA. He’ll be the first to tell you that giving up the cubicle for the camping life was the best decision he’s ever made!

Meredith LopezMeredith Lopez

Meredith Lopez began working for TLC in the spring of 2014. She is a division leader in Lower Camp and works year round in our winter office.

Meredith was no stranger to camping when she came to work for Timber Lake; she spent more than half her life attending camp in Connecticut, first as a camper, then counselor, and eventually as group leader.

She began her professional career as an elementary school teacher.   She has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education as well as a Master of Science in Literacy Education. After a few years teaching, she decided she wanted to continue working with children, but outside the confines of the traditional classroom setting.

Camp had always been a passion of hers, and TLC was the perfect place to continue fostering that. She loves spending her summers up at Timber Lake. Encouraging our youngest campers social and emotional growth is one of her greatest joys!