Preparing for 2010

Once January arrives, camp is right upon us.  In camping, you can never “rest on your laurels.”  Every year is like your first and has to be just as great.  That means new programs, some new staff and exciting new activities.  It’s all part of building the type of summer that makes Timber Lake a special place to be.

This year, our Teen Program, Junior Counselor program and our programs for Seniors and Collegiates will be different and brand new.  Numbers of bunks have been renovated, the Fourth Hole of the Golf Course was finally completed and the snack bar and new park behind Tiger Stadium have been completed.  Our Lacrosse program has been expanded and we’re starting some exciting new programs for our older girls.

On the surface, from the end of camp one year to the first day of camp the next it seems like a long time.  We’re often asked; “so what do you do all winter?”  The answer is: a lot!  From facility improvements, new program and activity development, staff hiring, staff training and ordering the various foods and supplies, there isn’t much time to do nothing, if you’re going to do this job right.

Working with Janie, Steve Bocian, Robbie Gothelf, Jason Mercado, Tina Cohen and the rest of our team, we’re making sure that whether it’s a campers first year with us or their tenth, the summer of 2010 will be the absolute best ever.  We’re looking forward to it!

-Jay & Mindy Jacobs

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