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What Staff Say

Olivia Watt

Summers at Timber Lake: 2023-2024
General Counselor

Timber Lake is more than just a camp. It’s a feeling, a collection of moments, its smiles with sleep in your eyes and the laughter of your campers filling the air, it’s arms around each other singing the Alma Mater, its opportunity for growth, a mindset, a family, but most importantly, it’s a place you’ll never forget. 

The moment I stepped off the bus at camp, it was like stepping into an alternate universe. The grass is greener, the birds chirp louder, the sun shines a little brighter and for me, I smiled a lot harder compared to before camp. 

When I made the decision to go to camp, it was because I knew I wanted to work with children in my medical career and I wanted the chance to impact my campers in a meaningful way. I wanted my campers to believe in themselves in a moment they felt self-doubt because of me, to know I could provide them some guidance through the hardship of making and keeping friends and that I could make them feel special. However, 4 months since my first summer, I find myself either stopped in the street in the middle of the day, reminded of a time I had with my campers, feeling the love and the happiness they brought me, or I’ll be faced with a personal challenge and I remember if I can look after 7 girls for 2 months and have them believe in me, I can do anything. My point is, you find that if you let them, your campers can be the source of the greatest personal growth, and the ones who make you believe you are special. 

I’ll forever be changed by the 7 little people I got to take care of, along with the amazing camp sisters I made. You find you bond extremely fast with your peers at camp. They are truly the only people who know how you’re feeling and what you’re going through. And Timber Lake take such pride in selecting the best of the best to be counselors, so you know you’ll be meeting and making friendships with the most amazing and talented people from all over the world. Thanks to Timber Lake, I now have friends in many corners of the globe, friends I have since visited after camp, and whom have redirected my life for the better. 

Travel is an enriching experience on its own, now mix that with working with international people your age, in a fast paced and confined environment, and you find your social skills blossom and you’ve made connections in the most unlikely of places. 

Timber Lake has truly and wholeheartedly changed my life. There’s nothing more i can say about Timber Lake than, “12480, you see numbers I see home”.

(and if you don’t quite get this quote, come back and read my testimonial a year from now, after spending your first summer at this incredible camp and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about)

Tate Vestal

Arkansas, USA
Summers at Timber Lake: 2021,2023
General Counselor

I spontaneously took on a general camp counselor role at Timber Lake one summer during college, despite lacking any prior experience in the camp world and not knowing anyone who had been there. Fast forward, and I’ve spent two incredible years on Saddle Mountain—and I wouldn’t change a thing!

The most remarkable aspect of being a camp counselor is that the ‘job’ revolves around making a positive impact on the campers’ lives. It involves crafting memories with your newfound younger siblings and fostering lifelong friendships with individuals from all corners of the globe. It’s an experience that doesn’t compare to any other ‘job’ I’ve ever had.

The experiences and memories I’ve accumulated during my time at Timber Lake have fundamentally shaped the person I am today. I wouldn’t trade these cherished memories or the relationships forged for anything in the world!


Niall Carey


Summers at Timber Lake: 2022-23

Position: General Counselor

To sum up what timber lake is in a few sentences is not possible.

Timber Lake is where you can go to find out who you are. Whether its sport, music, drama, dancing, singing, it has it all.

Timber lake gives you everything, the only thing it asks in return is that you come with an open mind. Be brave, do what you normally wouldn’t, try what you feel like you couldn’t, and all of a sudden, you’ll find yourself growing into an amazing person.

You don’t make friends at Timber Lake because everyone you meet becomes family. That’s what’s so special about it, I think of my American, Australian, South African and Irish friends I made at camp, and I miss them all so much, because they’re not just my friends, they’re my family, and Timber Lake? Well, Timber Lake becomes your home.