Top 10 Things to look forward to for Summer 2010!

On that late August morning each summer as the buses roll out, as the waving continues until the last gate closes its doors, we travel home to meet our eagerly awaiting families as another summer ends. And hence, another school year begins.

The chill of winter has set in and Timber Lake is just about covered with snow. It must be a beautiful sight! Winter has its beauty but to all of us at Timber Lake there is nothing more exquisite than the sight of 7 coach buses rolling through the gates driving around the back boys row as our alma matter blares….the beginning of another magical summer. New campers, you will feel this too: Believe us all!!

Meanwhile, from the Long Island central hub, the management staff is crafting and molding the summer of 2010 filled with amazing and fun activities guaranteed to thrill us all…

From the desk of our new program director Robbie G….here is a dribbling of what to expect….

1. What will Mercado and Robbie dance to this year?

Last summer, Robbie and Jason Mercado astonished the Timber Lake audience during the staff talent show with their own rendition to the dance video of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Over the winter, many campers have contacted both Jason and Robbie wondering what kind of riveting performance they will put on in 2010. After several discussions with each other, Jason and Robbie have decided to keep their plans a secret in order to maintain their artistic integrity. When asked about their possible performance, Jason said, “We want to keep the campers on their toes, wondering what we will do next.” After discussing it, they have decided that they will be taking suggestions for next summer from all campers. We will take all suggestions into consideration, and whatever song that is sent to us is picked, a surprise will be rewarded to the camper that picked the song they use!

Email your answers to The winner will be announced during the staff talent show the 2nd week of camp!

2. New Menu Items! What’s Reggie cookin in 2010?

Last summer, Reggie (our food services director) had the best menu that Timber Lake has ever had with multiple new items. This year, he is continuing that same trend. We all know that parents like their kids to have healthy food, which is exactly why we are adding more fruit during the day and even a fruit platter at lunch and dinner! The best food menu in camping is only getting better! More cereal options, boneless wings, and muffins in the morning are just a few examples! We have to keep some surprises!

3. Can the Melter ladies win an improbable 4th straight softball championship?

Melter Cup, which was started 8 years ago in honor of the late Lisa Melter is a tournament for the best female softball players in camping. Several different camps come to Timber Lake to compete in an all day tournament at our new Tiger Stadium in front of a sell-out crowd (all of Timber Lake). Our Lady Tigers of Timber Lake have now won the Melter Cup the last 3 summers and look to make it a fourth this upcoming summer. Can they do it? We will just have to wait til’ the summer of 2010 to see.

4. Gordon Cup for Back-to-Back Championships: How can Jaymie and the crew repeat last summer’s brilliance?

For those who are new to Timber Lake, our Gordon Cup is the biggest hockey tournament in camping. Each summer, 12 camps, including Timber Lake, compete in an all day roller hockey tournament in each of our 3 rinks around camp. Our kids practice all year waiting to bear the Timber Lake uniform in front of an absolutely raucous crowd of Timber Lakers all wearing green and white (Except for our teens who are members of the Dawg Pound dressed in black of course). This upcoming summer, Timber Lake will look to defend its 2009 title run with Jaymie Harrington. Can they repeat the magic? Stay tuned….

5. What will Jay think of for Marathon break out 2010?

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? That was the question of breakout 2009. After hijacking Reggie’s famous homemade cookies, masked hooligans took JayRo into custody and refused to give him back! After several attempts to negotiate with the masked hooligans, Jay ran out of ideas until the day was saved by several skydivers who landed in camp with parachutes! The skydivers rescued JayRo from the hooligans and of course took back all of the chocolate chip cookies that are campers were so desperately missing! JayRo finally announced breakout 2009 and said in his infamous voice, “Let the games began! What will Jay think of in 2010?

6. Julius C- A fresh new evening activity that EVERYONE should be excited about!

Click here to hear Julius C on iTunes!Julius C- These guys have performed all over the world and continue to get bigger every day. Last summer, they performed at 30 camps alone and continuously are growing in popularity. This will be an all day event where campers will get to perform with the band. Whether it is playing the drums or guitar to being a lead vocalist for a song, Julius C does a fantastic job at getting everyone involved and it will surely be an evening activity to remember for the ages! To find out more information about the band, you can go to their website

7. Bocian’s LEAGUES are second to NONE!!!!! No camp keeps better statistics

Bocian’s Leagues- 24 points, 8-13 from the field, 1-3 from 3 point land, and 7-10 from the free throw line. You might think I am talking about Kobe Bryant, but if you thought this, you would be incorrect. These are stats that you can only get if you are looking on in most cases. But, Steve Bocian, the Boy’s Head Counselor has been absolutely amazing at keeping every statistic possible since he took over as Boy’s head counselor 24 years ago. There is nothing like finishing a basketball game against your friends and knowing your exact stats an hour later posted right on the wall of the HC building. All campers should be looking forward to another great summer of leagues!

8. SPIRIT STICK! Ladies, time to get your spirit on!!!

Last summer, Naomi and Erin started a new tradition for the younger girls in camp called the “Spirit Stick.” In 2010, we hope to be using the spirit stick even more! The spirit stick was awarded by the counselors to a girl who exhibited high spirit, positive attitude, friendliness, an openness to branch out to other bunks, and overall camper happiness/friendliness. This summer, we hope to expand the “spirit stick” to other divisions throughout camp!

9. Those scrumptious, delicious, phenomenal, fantastic, soft, chocolate chip cookies!

It was a sad day in camp in 2009 when campers at Timber Lake found out that their beloved homemade chocolate chip cookies were stolen right from underneath them. After several chants and arguments against the masked men who took the cookies, campers and counselors alike finally got to eat those sensational chocolate cookies. This summer, we are doing everything in our power to make sure that each chocolate chip cookie is in a secure place until they inevitably reach our camper’s tummies. MMM, I can smell them already.

10. What does the new Jacobs Cup coach Ryan Walsh have in-store for the 2010 basketball season?

Our Jacobs Cup tournament is the basketball version of the Gordon Cup. Similarly, camps all over the east coast come to Timber Lake to compete in an all day event that occurs on 3 of our 6 basketball courts. Since Timber Lake is the home team, we get the pleasure of playing in our beautiful Timber Dome, an arena like no other in camping. Although we came up a bit short last summer, Ryan Walsh takes over as the new coach. This past summer, it didn’t take Timber Lake long at all to find out that Ryan Walsh has an incredible basketball IQ. Now that he is at the helm he looks to take TLC’s basketball program to an unthinkable level.

– Robbie Gothelf

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