Welcome New Campers for 2010!

I remember it was only 2 years ago that I was heading into my first summer at Timber Lake Camp. Even though everyone in the winter office kept telling me I was going to love the summer, I was feeling a little uncertain of what to expect because I had never been to camp before.

As I think about my last couple of summers at Timber Lake, I’m still amazed that camp was more fun than I ever could have imagined.  I was surprised that in just 54 days everyone was able to make such strong bonds.  This summer I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the new campers who will be entering their first summer at Timber Lake, just like I was a couple of years ago. I can relate well to their feelings of being a little nervous and uncertain about what their first summer will be like, but I am confident they will walk away from the summer saying it was an amazing experience, and they’ll be counting down the days until 2011!

-Jason Mercado

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