Happy Days for SCOPE!

Meeting “The Fonz” at this year’s SCOPE dinner was especially exciting for me.  As a child, I loved watching the sitcom Happy Days which aired from 1974-1984. The most popular character on the show was Fonzarelli a.k.a. “The Fonz” – played by Henry Winkler. (Who of course was my favorite too!) “The Fonz” was cool with his slicked back black hair, and he was known for the catchy line “Aaayyy!”  Henry Winkler received the Founders Award at the annual SCOPE dinner. Jay introduced Henry before he received the award and shared with the audience the many accomplishments of Mr. Winkler. A veteran of the Broadway stage, a Golden Globe recipient, Henry Winkler also authors a series of children’s novels entitled “Hank Zipzer”. He also participates on several boards for youth-related charities.

SCOPE – which stands for Summer Camp Opportunities Provide and Edge – is a nonprofit charity that sends children in need to summer camp. The Timber Lake Foundation has been donating money to SCOPE since it was founded by Jay in 1996. We know firsthand the positive impact camp can have on a child and SCOPE provides that experience to those who need it the most! If you want to learn more about SCOPE – just click on the link below.


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