Timber Lake Camp’s Open House – Were You There?

AWESOME!!! That’s what people were saying about Open House this past weekend – Everyone had an AWESOME time! It was so great to see all of our new campers and their parents at Open House this past Saturday!

We got to refresh everyone’s memories of what’s in store for them in just a few short weeks, everyone got to sample the camps delicious pizza (yummmmmm…..), and after full campus tours, Jay and Mindy took the parent’s on their own personal orientation. (You know, all that “adult stuff”…)  Meanwhile, Steve, Jason, and I took all the boys to the softball field on boys’ side to play mass kickball and Janie, Romy, Jessica, and Naomi had the girls compete in wacky relays on girls side!

In just 17 days these new campers will be able to get the real taste of what it is like to be a TLC camper for the summer. For now, they can only dream about the amazing facilities, fun with friends, and memories that will last a lifetime!

Can’t wait for summer 2010 to begin!!!!
~ Robbie

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