Camp is Now in Session!

The moment everyone had been waiting for… The buses rolled in to Timber Lake at 2:30pm this past Saturday! The 6 buses from Long Island & 3 from Paramus rolled in to camp within 15 minutes of each other, dropping off all our campers on the girl’s lower basketball court.  As the bus doors opened, campers streamed out with so much excitement, while their eyes scanned the cheering crowd to find familiar faces of camp friends and former counselors. There were hugs, smiles and laughter all around.

Let’s not forget that while returning campers and counselors were having a blast with their old buddies, the new campers were right there in the thick of things too. Around here, everyone is included and having fun. Those new to camp are already surrounded by friends – friends they will have for a lifetime.

Before you knew it, everyone was unpacked in their bunks and off to activities around campus… rollerblading, arts and crafts, swimming and everything in between!  Dinner was served and the delcious aroma of hamburgers & cheeseburgers filled the Dining Hall, as we all ate our first meal together as a TLC Family.

After Free Play, we had our Opening Ceremonies in the Rec Hall, where our new Program Director, Robbie, got the crowd revved up for the summer with a hilarious spoof on Rocky!  After leading us in some classic TLC chants, he handed over the mic to Jay to officially welcome everyone to the stay of summer 2010!  We ended the night by singing the TLC Alma Mater & Friends before Lower Camp went back to their bunks and Upper Camp went to the canteen.

Summer 2010 is now underway!

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