Florida Reunions – Bowling & “Ladies Luncheon”

What do you get when you combine beautiful weather, amazing campers, and 6 pound bowling balls?  The Timber Lake Florida Reunion, of course!  Last week our Floridian campers (and other Timber Lakers who happened to be on vacation down in sunny Florida) got together at Boca Bowl to reunite with some old friends. They shared pizza, soda, and lots of laughs while bowling strikes and spares!

Mindy, Janie & Liz also took some time in Florida for a “Ladies Luncheon” where they invited some of our new and returning girl campers to get together and have some pizza and get to know each other!

It was a perfect weekend, but now the only problem is that we have to wait another 115 days until we can see them again!

Check out some pictures from these two events!

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