Camp Cheat Sheet

For all of our new incoming campers (and for those who want to start getting back into that good ‘ol camp spirit!), we thought we’d jot down a few camp terms, along with their definitions, to help get you started so that when you set foot on camp in 58 days, you’ll be off and running!

Lazy Morning – The day of the week that EVERYONE looks forward to because of a later wake-up! Known as our “Special Events Day,” Wednesday has been a camper favorite for many years. The day features a late breakfast cookout (we serve breakfast on our Boys & Girls Campuses instead of the Dining Hall), and also have awesome Special Events such as Olympics, Carnival and our major camp tournaments such as the Gordon and Jacobs Cup.

Gordon Cup – The Gordon Cup (See video clip HERE) is far and away the most exciting tournament in all of camping. It is our roller hockey tournament for boys 16 years old and under and is the largest roller hockey tournament in the Northeast! It’s an all day tournament where 12 camps come to Timber Lake to battle for the glory of taking home the Gordon Cup! It is the type of tournament where legends are born!

Jacobs Cup – Similar to the Gordon Cup, the Jacobs Cup (See video clip HERE) is a basketball tournament for boys 16 years old and under. Every camper that loves the sport of basketball dreams of playing in the Timber Dome in front of hundreds of screaming Timber Lake fans with their names on the back of their jerseys. The tournament was named after JSJ’s father Benjamin, who loved the sport of basketball.

Melter Cup – The Melter Cup (See video clip HERE) is a softball tournament for girls 16 and under that was named after an amazing girl’s head counselor, Lisa Melter. Lisa passed away in 2002 and the Melter Cup was named in her honor. The Melter Cup is played on the ONLY baseball stadium in camping, Tiger Stadium! The girls practice all summer for this tournament and it has paid off in recent years as Timber Lake has taken home the last 4 Melter Cup Championships!

Break-Out – The surprise & highly anticipated moment that everyone waits the entire summer for. Jay gives out clues throughout the summer as to what break-out is going to be and campers hand in their guesses with a chance to participate in the most exciting event of the summer!

Marathon – (aka Color War) is 4 to 5 days of fun and intense competition which is held at the end of the summer. Our surprise break-outs, are unsurpassed in camping. Marathon divides one half of the camp against the other in Green vs. White in a variety of team events which rounds-up the summer for our campers.

That’s all for now! If you’ve still got questions about our camp lingo, drop a comment below or call us at the office!

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