Remember When… Hulk Hogan Visited TLC?

Do you remember the year 1985? Well, let me refresh your memory real quickly. In the year 1985, gas was only $1.09, the cost to go to a movie was just $2.75, Microsoft released the first version of Windows, Windows 1.0, and Ronald Reagan was President of the United States. But, we all know that for every true Timber Laker, the best memory of every year is the Marathon Breakout out each summer!So who remembers Marathon Breakout 1985? Wait for it…Here’s a clue: “Watcha gonna do when the Hulkster runs wild on YOU, Brotha?!” Alright time’s up! If you couldn’t figure the answer out from looking at the picture above or from the previous quote then you were probably born in the new Millennium. The answer is: The Mighty Hulk Hogan of course!

In 1985, Jay and Mindy shocked every camper and counselor at Timber Lake by bringing arguably the most infamous wrestler of all time, Hulk Hogan, onto the Timber Lake Camp grounds. This made for one of the greatest breakouts in Timber Lake’s prolific history and was also the 1st celebrity breakout Timber Lake ever had! Today, our campers probably know Hulk as a reality TV star from the show “Hogan Knows Best.” Oh how the times have changed! Seems like ancient history, right?

Check out & share the video below of Hulk surprising everyone in the middle of TLC’s Wrestlemania Event & tag your friends in all of the bunk pictures we’ve uploaded to our Facebook page! We want to hear about your Timber Lake memories! Share your memories on our Facebook page and relive your special summer moments! We can’t wait to hear from you!

26 years later, we’re counting down the days until August 6th to celebrate Timber Lake’s 50th Anniversary Reunion.  Alumni: make sure you register for your CampInTouch account today and RSVP for the Reunion so you don’t miss out on any of the info!

Hope to see ALL of you there!

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