TLC’s 2011 Baseball and Softball Champions!

The last two Sundays at Timber Lake featured our 2 biggest baseball and softball tournaments of the summer at Tiger Stadium.  The TLC crowd was as loud and cheerful as ever while they enjoyed ballpark franks and soda as if they were at Yankee Stadium.

First, the ladies of the Melter Cup swept through their opponents with a combined score of 37-0 en route to their 5th consecutive Melter Cup Championship.  Pitcher and MVP, Collegiate girl Madison Kahn, dazzled the Timber Lake crowd breaking a TLC Melter Cup record, racking up double digit strikeouts in all 3 games played!  Congrats to our Melter Cup girls for a phenomenal tournament and we can’t wait to repeat for number 6 in 2012!

This past Sunday, we held our 7th grade Boys Baseball tournament, The Owners Cup, at Tiger Stadium.  The tournament featured 5 teams and was a nail biter until the very final out.  Cadet Boy pitcher Ethan Schorr came in like Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the 4th inning with 2 outs and the bases loaded.  The Timber Lake crowd watched as Camp Echo was at bat, hopeful for the final out with the Owner’s Cup Championship on the line.  Full count, and the pitch… Popped up.. and the DIVING GRAB BY SOPHOMORE BOY JACOB BUCHBINDER AS THE TLC TIGERS CLOSE OUT THE GAME AND WIN THE OWNER’S CUP TOURNAMENT BY A SCORE OF 1-0!!

Maybe we can call up the The Steinbrenners and the New York Yankees after the season to see if our Melter Cup and Owner’s Cup teams can go head to head with the guys in pinstripes!  Bring em’ on!

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