The Art of TLC

For thousands of years, art has been a way for artists to capture a moment in time, expressing thoughts and feelings.  From the days of Picasso, Michelangelo and Da Vinci, art has certainly changed over the years.

One might ask why is Timber Lake blogging about Da Vinci? Well, over the last 50 years, TLC has seen some incredible artists.  From the legendary Necia Marko and Jimmy Charmatz up to the more recent Sokol sisters (Peri & Emily) and Nyla Brittle, there have been many artists that have graced TLC with their presence over the years.

There are so many different ways for our TLC artists to express their artistic creativity – we have each team’s Olympic plaques hanging in the canteen, the individual bunk plaques which are showcased in the Boys’ and Girls’ HCs and bunks, and of course the Marathon plaques in the Dining Hall, and the Marathon Murals which are prominently displayed in the Rec Hall, and Timber Dome.

We wanted to give all of this tremendous artwork a chance to shine and be seen outside of the camp season, so each week we’ll be posting artwork from a different year at camp on our Facebook Page!  Make sure you check out the weekly posts and tag yourself & your friends on your teams and in your bunks!

Here’s a taste of some great artwork from Summer 2011!

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