Camp Parents Met at TLC: The Friedmans

Hi!  We’re the Friedmans -a  multi-generational TLC family!  I’m Elise and I met my husband Michael at Timber Lake Camp back in the early 1970’s.  We met when we were 10 years old at the “logs” that separated the girls’ side from the road that leads up the the “mess hall” – what is now known as the Dining Hall.

Both of our fondest memories of camp include the one that lasted only 3 seconds, but had changed our lives forever – when Michael and I first met at camp.  Michael’s older sister (Betty) dragged me over to meet Michael.   We said “Hi,” and that was pretty much it!   Yes, all of 3 seconds.  However, later in our teen years, we became friends.   In the summer of 1993, Michael went back to our “summer home” to work as a division leader.   I decided to go up to camp on Visiting Day with a camp friend (Laurie) to relive some great memories.  Michael and I re-connected that day and we were married two years later.

For me, Timber Lake was the greatest place on earth.  I loved playing BBG, hanging at the Fine Arts Shack during majors (now known as “Electives”), and Friday night socials.   I would wait all summer long for Blue and Gold Sing, Color War and the fierce inter-camp rivalry against Camp Roosevelt.  Each year I would anxiously await my turn to live in the Bunkhouse to become the oldest campers on girls side.  But mostly I just loved just being with my camp friends summer after summer.

Michael on the other hand, loved camp for the chance to spend all summer long on the basketball court, boating on the “girls” lake, Saturday nights in the Timber Lake Playhouse (in downtown Shandaken, NY) and in the teen years, working in the Mess Hall and living in the Dorm.

There are so many wonderful memories of all our years at TLC, including the bonfire on the plateau the night before the Roosevelt games, stealing camp, Sy and Necia, Kentucky Derby, Revival Night, Counselor Talent Shows, Sadie Hawkins Day, Woodstock, spinning records at WTLC Radio, rainy days in the bunk and sunny days on the fields.   Often when I speak to my camp friend Laurie, we still laugh like we did when we were ten.  During reunions and every chance we get, we reminisce about the good old days and wish we could go back for just one more summer.

Both Michael and I grew up at TLC, along with our siblings, cousins, family friends, and all of the great friends we made at camp.  When we first had children we knew there was no where else we would want them to spend their summers than at Timber Lake.  Our oldest daughter, Melanie, is now going into her 7th year at camp, as a Teen.  Marly, one of our twins went for two summers and Emily, our other twin, is going into her 4th year as a Junior.

For our girls, just like for us, Timber Lake is their summer home.  There is nothing better than sharing our memories, singing old Alma Maters and camp songs, hearing about their bunks, and telling them about ours.  One recent winter day we sat around looking at our old camp photo-albums and memorabilia, reading over an old autographed pillow case, Color War lists, Kangaroo Court poems and my first marriage certificate from the Carnival Marriage Booth!

It is often hard for us to imagine that one day we will have three, and maybe even more generations of Wint-Friedmans at Timber Lake Camp!  But it wouldn’t surprise us either 🙂

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