Geff Gershoff Remembers Winning 1st Gordon Cup!

Two weeks ago TLC posted about my children, Evan and Jordan, as legacy campers.    Today, I’m here to tell you a little bit about me and some of my favorite memories of camp.  My name is Geff and I work for FOX News Channel managing their breaking news affiliate desk.  I am a former TLC camper, and a father to 2 current TLC campers.

I chose to send Evan and Jordan to Timber Lake because there is no other camp on the planet that I would want my kids to go to – TLC is amazing!!!  I know that my kids get as much out of TLC as I did when I was a camper.  I get a huge smile and sense of satisfaction that both Evan and Jordan love camp as much as I did.

My kids and I agree that we all get that funny feeling in your stomach when you are going up the hill and see Saddle Mountain.  Not only did I feel that way as a camper, but I still get that same feeling when I go visit my children on Visiting Day.  It’s remarkable how the excitement and anticipation stays with you year after year from childhood into adulthood.  I just can’t get enough of TLC!

TLC has given me more memories than I can count. However, one of my most cherished, favorite memories from camp was winning the very first ever Gordon Cup (I was on that team and yes, I am that old!!!)  But there is so much more about TLC!!!

I will always remember:

  • not being able to sleep the morning before getting on the bus to camp because I was so excited
  • bunk 6 like it was yesterday… (My first year in 1981 – go White Romans even though we lost!)
  • Sy Friday night stories (SBS)
  • losing to the Dorm in the Upper camp / dorm basketball game by 1 point.
  • Jay catching me on raids
  • Hulk Hogan and all the TLC breakouts
  • Liz Schwack banging her fists at Color War saying “have – share – feel”
  • Doug Schwartz
  • scoring 100 points on the boys lower basketball court
  • the Gordon Cup – TLC first championship banner
  • the weight room and the indoor pool
  • white water rafting in Maine
  • the mighty Esopus River
  • champion sweatshirts and tie dye
  • my counselors: Jay & Neil Canell, Jimmy Charmatz, Craig Rosenberg, Novi, Sander Dubovy, Smitch, Mo Mellman & Jack Satz.

I will never forget:

  • my best friends in the world – Andy Kessler and Josh Rothfeld – both from TLC
  • all the girls…  (Am I allowed to say that?)
  • Syd and Artie
  • Adrian the karate guy
  • crying on the last day of camp – every summer
  • knowing that 10 months is too long to wait for next summer to begin

I will never forget and will always remember that some of the best years of my childhood were spent at Timber Lake Camp!!!


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