Carving Memories Through Woodworking With Lisa

Taking a walk around camp, you’ll notice beautiful pieces of art outside various facilities that evoke many memories made and showcase the magnificence of Saddle Mountain.  We’d like to recognize the creator of these masterpieces, Lisa Sokol.

Lisa has been with Timber Lake for 28 years and has been an integral part of our summer staff.   During the summer, Lisa is the Director of our Woodshop.  She helps campers of all different ages create their woodworking art projects daily that they are then able to take home to mom and dad when the summer is over.  If you have a Knicks clock hanging on your wall at home, it was most likely Lisa that had a big part in helping your camper create it!

Lisa went to Timber Lake as a camper, and was even a Color War General of the 1975 Dixie South Team, alongside our Director Jay Jacobs!  Lisa’s three children, Peri, Emily & Ithan all went to TLC and her husband Barry enjoys coming up to visit during the summer.

The rest of the year, Lisa has been a Technology Teacher for 9th through 12th grade students for the past 18 years.  She graduated from SUNY Oswego with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Arts Education.  In 1979, she earned a Masters of Education from Bowling Green State University and today she is a certified Technology Education, Industrial Arts, and Elementary School teacher.

We want to congratulate Lisa Sokol on her 2011 NJTEA Teacher of the Year Award.  We are extremely proud to have Lisa on our staff and look forward to many more years of her working in the woodshop!

Only a few more days until our campers will be able to create their favorite pieces of art with Lisa!  We can’t wait!

– Jay and Mindy

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