QUEST Football Scores Touchdown with Campers!

Camp couldn’t be more fun!  So much has been going on since Opening Day and camp is now in full-swing!

Last week we kicked off our QUEST Program.  This is a special day each week where a division splits their day between activities at Outdoor Adventure and the other half lets them choose from special electives for that week, including fencing, juggling, balloon making and our special Football Clinic!

Run by two varsity high school coaches over three days – each with over 20 years of experience at the high school and college level, they had an opportunity to work with every age group.  Coach Jeremy Collins joined us from Kingston High School, while TLC’s own Tom Tegler coaches the New Paltz High School Varsity Football Team.

Our campers participated in our progressive instruction, innovation and dynamic on-field training that kept them on their toes! They partook in skills tests (Shuttle times, 40 yard dashes, agility test), explosive offense training (precision passing drills that tested accuracy and arm strength, proper passing routes, how to catch properly), aggressive defense training (tip drills, turnover drills) and some fancy footwork in between.

This year is the first time our Freshmen & Cadets have a TNT Football league, and the Sophomores are also starting their new SFL league.  This QUEST Program helped pick the teams for these new leagues where they’ll get to play nighttime games, just like our Junior through Teen campers in their TNT league.

Coach Collins and Coach Tegler’s knowledge and enthusiasm, coupled with our camper’s never-ending thirst for football is unmatched.  For any TLC camper that is interested in improving their football game, participating in our QUEST Football Program is the answer!


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