Indian Summer 2012

Last weekend, our oldest campers got the opportunity to relive their summer experiences one more time up at Timber Lake during our Indian Summer Weekend.  What a weekend it was!

Once we got underway, (despite the bus arriving late because of a lost bus driver), we felt like we had never left!  It didn’t take long to remember all of the amazing times we spent together over the summer and realize how much we all missed each other!  But there we were, back up at camp like one big happy family!

Everyone had been looking forward to this weekend since camp had ended and went home on the buses.  The vibrant colors of the leaves and the reflection of Saddle Mountain from the bright orange and red colors made the perfect picturesque backdrop for the many pictures our teens took while walking around camp!

The boys enjoyed some football on the far fields while the girls dabbled in some cooking with Janie in our cabin while they spent most of their night simply hanging out with each other by the Bunkhouse and Lodge.  They wanted nothing more than to spend one more night up at TLC!

Let’s not forget about the delicious food we ate!  Everything from camp pizza, Reggie’s cookies, and a delicious BBQ dinner made for great meals inside the dining hall while we sang songs and razzes to each other.   One thing we will never forget is the tour of the special “underground tunnels,” which is an activity reserved for Indian Summer.  A bit scary at times, but a very cool sight indeed!

The night culminated with some epic camp stories which made for a cozy & memorable night hanging out and being together in the cabin.

For Jay and me, this weekend continues to be one of our favorite times to spend at camp.  We get this unique time to spend with the Teens without being distracted from everything else that goes on during the regular summer months.

We would like to give a special thanks to Reggie & Sheila for cookin’ up some great meals and Janie, Steve, Jason, Romy, Jess, Jackie, Steiny (and Knox), and Sam Norden for helping to make this weekend so wonderful.

This got us very excited for the summer of 2013!  Only 265 days until Timber Lake starts up again and we can’t wait!

~ Mindy


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