Broadway Shines at TLC!

As winter school vacations are fast approaching, many people use this time to take in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple and all that it has to offer with the fantastic holiday scenery & lights and wonderful productions on Broadway.  Which got us thinking… It wasn’t too long ago that we had the chance to see some Broadway-like shows ourselves right here at camp!

This past summer, The Great White Way sparkled at TLC during our summer productions of “Bye Bye Birdie” and “The Lion King.”  Bye Bye Birdie is about a rock singer who travels to a small Ohio town to make his “farewell” television performance and kiss his biggest fan before he is drafted into the US Army. (This story was inspired by the music icon Elvis Presley when he was being drafted into the Army back in the late 1950’s.)  Timber Lake’s adaptation of The Lion King told the story of a young lion prince named Simba who flees his homeland after a tragedy. After several run-ins with danger, new friendships, love and loss, Simba returns home to reclaim his place in the pride.

With both of these productions, our campers had only a few short weeks to learn their lines, build the sets, practice the choreography and pull together the show.  But let me tell you – the campers of Timber Lake are full of talent & moxy and both shows were a HUGE success!  See for yourself in the videos below!


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