Sam is Joining Big Brother Jake this Summer!

Hi. My name is Jake and this summer will be my 5th summer at Timber Lake Camp.  I found out about Timber Lake because my friend’s brother went to TLC and talked about it all the time – he wanted me to go too!  So my Mom and Dad signed me up for Rookie Day (it’s where you get to visit camp for a day during the summer and do all the things that all the campers are doing) and I had such a great time I said, “Sign me up!”

If you ask me what I love about camp…. it’s EVERYTHING!!!  I love all the sports, canteen, friends, Breakout and Marathon, my friends and counselors, all the activities, the food, late night events like socials, free play, all the tournaments, and leagues. I love that the camp is just such a nice place to be in!  I have made a ton of friends at camp and I’m lucky that I get to see them all year round!!

Hi, My name is Sam and I’m Jake’s younger brother.  This summer will be my 1st summer at Timber Lake Camp and I am soooo excited! When I saw camp for the first time during one of my brother’s Visiting Days, it looked like so much fun. I couldn’t wait until it was my turn to go.  Jake keeps saying it’s the best camp to go to!  I can’t wait to make new friends, to play in leagues and get better at sports.  I am going to have the most amazing summer!

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