Camp Keeps Karly Busy!

Favorite Color: is blue
Favorite Food: ANYTHING chocolate!
Favorite Activities: gymnastics, dance and basketball
Nickname: Kar Kar

Hi, my name is Karly (on the left holding the pen)! I am 9 years old and live in Merrick, NY with my parents, my older sister Jaynie and my little brother Jake. My dog is a Golden Doodle named Scout and he is HUGE!  I’m in 3rd grade and so far I’ve had a really great year at school. For the past two years, I competed on a team with my dancing school and it was really hard, but also so much fun.  I keep pretty busy and I don’t have a lot of time to just relax, but when I get a few moments here and there, I like to listen to music – especially to Justin Bieber.  And I also like to watch the TV show Dance Moms too!

This summer will be my 2nd year at Timber Lake Camp and I have been counting down the days until Summer 2013 begins since the last day of camp last summer!  I knew Timber Lake was the camp for me the minute I saw it.  Not only is camp such a beautiful place, but there’s also so much to do there!  Timber Lake has all these unbelievable activities, amazing counselors and really good food!  I love that we are given special times for elective activities each day.  I like to spend time doing the things that I really like doing the most.

One of my favorite things about camp from last summer was the Marathon Break-Out.  All these fire trucks, police cars, ambulances and a group of people in hazmat gear all played a part in the breakout! No one knew what was going on – It was crazy, exciting and so very cool.  It got everyone psyched up!!!

As a camper at TLC I have changed and grown in so many ways.  I’ve become a lot more independent and I realized that I can pretty much do anything if I work hard enough for it.  Being a camper at TLC, I feel more confident now and know what it takes to live and get along with all types of people.  I have made so many friends that I know will last a lifetime. Only 104 more days until I’m back at my home away from home!!!

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