Setting the Stage for Summer 2013!

We’re gearing up for camp this summer, and having just spent an amazing day this past weekend with some of our youngest campers, it’s even more difficult for us to hold in our excitement!!!  Freshmen and Cadets campers, both new and returning, reunited  at Hoop Starz in Mahwah, New Jersey for fun & games!

Everyone got a chance to participate in multiple different fun games and activities. Games included basketball, dodge ball, soccer, and knock-out, working up an appetite that couldn’t be ignored!  So we topped off the activities with some delicious pizza, pasta, chips and salad!

As some of our campers met up with old friends, it was great to meet some of our new campers too. New friends were being made right before our eyes!  We could see the excitement in our campers’ faces throughout the entire event and we all know is that this was just setting the stage for what we can expect for Summer 2013!

Another ingredient into what makes our gatherings so great is not just seeing our campers, but also seeing some of our summer staff there as well.  The connection that our staff have with their campers is so special.  To see everyone come together again right before the summer starts is a sight to be seen. Along with Mindy & Jay, other staff that was on-hand was Blair Longaro, Cameron Friedfertig, Jen Siegel, Romy Diamond, Steve Bocian, Emily Soss, Janie Schwartz, Brett Kotcher, and Robbie Gothelf.

With just 78 days until camp begins, our next TLC event will be on June 1st when we invite all of our new families up to camp for our Open House event.  Can’t wait to you see all!


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