Open House for Our Newest Campers

What better way to begin our summer than with an Open House for our new campers at Timber Lake!  We had a wonderful, sunny, hot day filled with games, tours and lots of food! Our staff greeted the incoming families outside of Jay and Mindy’s cabin where we introduced ourselves and said hello to all of our new campers.

We started the morning off with an introductory meeting, then we were off on a tour, where families got to see our facilities and ask any last minute questions they had.  After the tour was complete, we all headed to the Dining Hall for lunch!  We ate pizza, tuna salad, egg salad and assorted beverages – of course all topped off with REGGIE’S COOKIES!  After lunch the parents sat down with Jay and Mindy while Steve, Brett and Robbie took our newest boy campers to play kickball on the Boys Field and Janie, Jackie and Jen took the girls to play BBG!

Once the activities were over, it was time to go home. (But not for long, as camp starts in only 19 more days!) What a wonderful way to get summer 2013 off to a great start!


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