Camp is My Home Away from Home!

Hi! My name is Lauren.  I’ll be starting 5th grade in September and I live in Bellmore, New York.  I’m 10 yrs old and I live with my parents, my 2 brothers, my dog and my bird.  It’s a pretty full house!

This will be my 2nd year at Timber Lake Camp and it will be my brothers 6th year at camp – Yes, I guess you could say that all three of us really LOVE Timber Lake Camp!  It is our home away from home.

The counselors and staff really care about each one of us individually, and want to make sure that we are all happy.  Camp is like a two-month sleepover party with all of your best friends.  I especially love to hang out and talk at night with everyone during Canteen time.  I think the Canteen Room makes everyone feel so comfortable.  The evening activities are also a lot of fun!  There is never a dull moment 😉

I love to swim at camp and the swim instructors really help you to improve.  I also especially love the Art Shack: wood working, candle making, cooking and painting.  Even though there are so many different kinds of activities to choose from, these are some of my personal favorites.  The choices are truly endless!  The instructors are patient and really teach you how to accomplish things from beginning to end and not rush you through just to get to the end result. Timber Lake also has the most AMAZING food – especially the tacos and Reggie’s Cookies! (Yummmmm!)

Overall, Timber Lake Camp is the best sleep away camp out there. I would never want to be anywhere else and I can’t wait for this summer to start in just 2 weeks!

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