It’s Magic!

The other night, we were dazzled and amazed during our evening entertainment of having our very own magic show right here at camp – magician and all!

The show dazzled everyone, bringing gasps of wonder to wide-eyed campers and counselors alike.  We watched in amazement as Steve the Magic Man did amazing magic tricks with silks, ropes, balloons, cards and slight-of-hand illusions.

Steve’s magic show was filled with so much laughter too!  There was an abundance of gags packed with high-energy interactive comedy magic, with a ton of camper participation and interaction. Each of our campers were so excited and eager to be brought on to the stage and wanting to be a part of the show. They could barely contain themselves!

The show was a huge success – It was an evening filled with endless fun and a non-stop laughter-filled atmosphere. Everyone had a great time! See for yourself in the below video!


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