The Stars Were Out!

The stars were out at Timber Lake Camp.  And I’m not just talking about the beautiful sparkly ones we see in the sky here every night! I’m talking about our talented campers who had their chance to shine at Timber Lake Camp’s Tiger Talent show!

At Timber Lake Camp, there is nothing more fun or memorable for our campers than to see their friends front and center during one of our Talent Shows!

Participating in a talent show gives our campers recognition and the opportunity to strive for something different – to really stand out in a way that speaks to their individuality. It re-humanizes people you go to camp with in away that connects our campers with one another.  The support and encouragement can be seen as everyone cheers, holding-up signs and rooting for their friends – It’s truly captivating and inspiring. It’s a night our campers and counselors never forget.

Our campers showcased their voice, musicianship, dance moves and so much more! This is one of our favorite activities here at Timber Lake Camp – Check it out and see for yourself!


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