Olympics 2013

Everyone here is already getting psyched for Marathon!!! So what better way to prepare them than to start off with our camp Olympics?  This past week we kicked off our Opening Ceremonies for Olympics 2013 with four teams; Vegas Red, Miami Green, Chicago White, and Boston Blue.

For Boston Blue, the camper captains were Ty R. and Shelby G. while the counselor captains were Ian L. and Sarah M. For Miami Green, the camper captains were Ben W. and Nikki A., with counselor captains Brandon S. and Caitlin H. Vegas Red, was led by camper captains Mitch S. and Ali G. as well as counselor captains Zach D. and Mary H. Finally, Chicago White was led by camper captains Jason K. and Lauren S. while the counselor captains were Jacob T. and Danielle P.

For Opening Ceremonies we had campers and counselors compete in numerous events ranging from our 10 point basketball shooting competition, to scooter jousting, to a dizzy mini golf shot, and last but not least a water gun carnival-style shoot-out where campers raced against each other to shoot down three bowling pins using water guns.

The real fun began the next day where we had a lazy Wednesday and all four teams played a bunch of modified sports and games like jay ball (a twist on basketball using 3 hoops) as well as backwards kickball. We also included some classic events like ultimate Frisbee and four-way dodge ball. Throughout the whole day the spirit and competition was high while every team maintained good sportsmanship.

After a long day of fun we had our Closing Ceremonies for Olympics 2013. The night started with the crowd on the edge of their seats while male counselor captains raced remote control cars against each other. Then we heard some team songs where the whole team sang together to represent their color and city. Finally, the night concluded with the presentation of the team plaques. The effort in each plaque was evident by how nice these works of art came out.

When all was said and done, the team of Boston Blue came out victorious! Despite Blue taking the title of Olympic Champions, the three other teams showed their resilience and continued to chant their team names to show their pride. Overall, the day was fun for everyone and Timber Lake got a nice taste of what is to come later in the summer when we have Marathon!


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