We are busy here at camp throughly enjoying all of our off-camp trips and in-camp activities.  However, one thing that remains a constant no matter where we are, is our STARFISH Values.

Here at camp, we impress upon our campers the importance of STARFISH and we take the time to recognize them throughout the summer for creating an environment that makes it possible for other campers to learn from their examples.  We know that the best way to teach our campers these values, is to lead by example.  And many of our campers have done just that – they are leading by setting great examples for our entire camp community to follow.  Congratulations to our most recent STARFISH Award recipients!


  • Charlie C. – During a street hockey tournament at another camp, this camper showed tremendous sportsmanship and played hard until the end.
  • Zoey C. – After losing a kickball game, this camper felt pride over what she had accomplished rather than becoming upset over the loss.


  • Maintenance Staff – This award recognizes the tremendous job that the maintenance staff does everyday tolerating what the campers sometimes break on the campus.
  • Zoe M., Maya M., and Marisa R. – These wonderful campers have a fine way of always being inclusive, respectful, and appreciative.


  • Sheila J. – A camper missed dinner and Sheila made him dinner after everyone was gone.
  • Sydney B. – This amazing camper truly cares about everyone. She is always able to put a smile on everyone’s face.


  • Max L.: After Owner’s Cup, this camper went over to every Pontiac player and congratulated them for a well played game while no one was watching.
  • Olivia V. – Olivia shows a great deal of respect towards her bunk. While other campers were making phone calls, she cleaned most of the bathroom.


  • Austin A. – During his day off, this counselor stayed back to practice baseball with campers for an upcoming tournament.
  • Jaime F. – This award is for a wonderful friend. Jaime always sees the positive and reminds her friends not to argue over silly things.


  • Brian G., Ethan S. – At Hershey Park, this camper didn’t have any money left and asked one his friends who all said they had no money to lend to him. These two campers said they had money and lent this camper some of it.
  • Marta P. – While her bunkmates were making there phone calls this camper took it upon herself to put away all of the laundry.


  • Jordan L. – When a freshman girl was stranded in the lake, this camper swam to the girl and took her boat back to the dock.
  • Alexa G. – When one of her bunkmates wasn’t feeling well, Alexa volunteered to do her job for her so that she could rest.


  • Jaime B. – This camper came to all the HC Baseball practices and helped the Owner’s Cup team everyday.
  • Julie B. – Twice, without being asked, Julie spent the last minutes of canteen picking up garbage left by other campers so that the on-duty counselor would not have to do it.


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