Marathon 2013 Break-Out!

Over this past week, “The Phantom” has been ruining events & pressuring Jay to change the Timber Lake colors from Green & White to Orange & Purple. Despite protests from campers and counselors, he continued to show up time after time with an accomplice in his convertible spreading the message of Orange & Purple! When all the campers headed down to Tiger’s Stadium for the Home Run Derby and discovered the Phantoms’ car was parked in the middle of the field, suspicions began to rise as everyone waited for somebody to remove the car so the derby could begin.

After waiting for 10 minutes, a small dot in the sky could be seen slowly approaching the stadium, the roaring of blades chopping the air filled the stadium as the helicopter flew directly overhead. JayRo wondered if the helicopter would be removing the car, but those ideas were soon dismissed as it continued overhead. After the crowd had calmed down and Jay reassured us that the helicopter had nothing to do with camp, sure enough it returned over the stadium and three figures jumped out to the theme of the Bond movie, Skyfall. Smoke trails followed each skydiver as their parachutes deployed and the helicopter flew off into the distance. It was Jay’s elite force, here to move the Phantom’s car!

As the three skydivers landed inside the stadium, the crowd burst into cheers, anticipating what is to follow. The Phantoms’ car was still sat in the middle of the field and none of the skydivers were equipped to remove it.  The car had to go!  So Jay called in the big guns – a large tank slowly approached Tiger Stadium from behind. The clunking from the truck began to fill the stadium as the vehicle slowly made itself known to the campers and counselors. Everybody looked in shock, not really sure what this thing was, but all felt like the Phantoms’ car would soon be gone for good. The tank-like vehicle dragged itself up to the Phantoms’ car and stopped.

The top of the vehicle opened, as two large mechanical arms broke free. That was not all! Once the arms were set into place a large dragon’s head followed shaping a giant mechanical monster, ready to wreak destruction upon anything in its path. The dragon standing over 60 feet tall grabbed the car and began to crush it with its claws; all the campers screaming in joy at the moment where the Phantom would be no threat until next year! The dragon began biting into the car and ripping it into tiny shreds – each time it removed the car from its mechanical jaws, a burst of flames flew out of its mouth, making campers jump and scream in excitement.

As the car was brought up for a final bite, splitting it into two halves, fireworks filled the sky from the golf course. With that, triumphant music blasted throughout the stadium and the sky was flooded with Marathon Papers! The White and Green banners were brought out as Jay announced the team names; Oz Green and Gatsby White! Everybody ran around cheering, looking for others on their team as people begin to plan a victory for Marathon 2013!


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