Camp Provided Many Firsts in my Life

Hello Timber Lake Camp families!

My name is Amanda Green – I’m the one on the right! I was born and raised in Newfoundland, which is a small island on the east coast of Canada. A province filled with a unique dialect and culture, where you can meet some of the friendliest warm-hearted people in the world. I am extremely proud to have been raised here by my two parents, Cynthia and Dave, who although separated, I now have an amazing half brother, Cameron. My family is my backbone and I am truly blessed to share their love.

At the age of 21, I am currently a Business Administration student, undergoing a Minor in French at Memorial University. With only 2 years left to my undergraduate degree, I look forward to applying to graduate programs at other universities to concentrate in Public Relations. I also like to volunteer at a local yoga studio once a week. It’s my second home and the community involvement is rewarding. The limited spare time I have is always spent with my good friends, who are fantastic and I am very grateful for them.

This summer provided many firsts in my life; my first time away from home, my first plane ride alone, my first nickname; Mandy Moo Moo (Calum is still not forgiven for that), and my first summer at Timber Lake Camp. I had no idea what this summer was going to bring and so many questions were running through my head. When Janie called me to offer me the position as a general counselor I couldn’t believe it. I was at a point in my life where I needed to challenge myself, I needed change and I needed a new experience. Timber Lake Camp provided that for me, and so much more!

Now that it’s fall I can look back at this summer and smile. I can honestly say I had the summer of a lifetime. As fellow Timber Laker, I’m sure you can relate to when I express that Timber Lake is somewhat of a surreal and magical place. I believe every director, supervisor, employee and camper is faced with his or her own set of challenges. For me, these challenges helped me grow as an individual. I learned so much about myself, that it has helped me to be a better, happier me.

People often ask, “What was the best aspect of Timber Lake Camp?” This has been the easiest question to answer. The friendships I made. Having to live with the same people for 8 weeks during the summer, it’s impossible not to form special bonds. Not only did everyone collaborate as a team on a daily basis, but we also had those special 5 days off that allowed for more one on one interaction. All these memories came together to shape the overall experience of camp. In the end when we all left tears were shed, smiles were given and hugs were shared. I’m not sure where my life is going to take me over the next year, but I hope to be spending summer 2014 at Timber Lake Camp once again.

So, Jay and Mindy, did I say thank you enough for this opportunity? I will say it again  again. I will thank all the amazing friends I met this summer. I will thank all the little campers that made me laugh every single day. I will thank the parents for supporting this establishment and sending their children to camp to share these beautiful memories.

With love and gratitude,
Amanda Green

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