Timber Lake Camp is Perfect for Me!

Favorite Book: Mocking Jay from the Hunger Game series
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Song: Boomerang by The Summer Set
Favorite Saying: “Friends are like stars – they come and go, but the ones who stay are the ones who glow.” 

Hi!  My name is Andie! (on the left)  There are five of us in my family: My brother Ty, me, my parents and my dog Floyd, who is a Labradoodle. I take my dog on walks all the time. He is so cute that everyone stops us to say hi.  I love to play golf, soccer, and basketball. Plus, I love going on Instagram too!  I’m in middle school and I am in the 6th grade.

The reason I first came to camp was because I saw a video and I really liked it so I went to Rookie Day to see what it would be like to be a camper. Both my cousin and I attended Rookie Day and we decided we really liked it so much that we decided to go.  That was it for me – I didn’t look at any other camps because after Rookie Day, it was clear that Timber Lake Camp was perfect for me!

This is going to be my fourth summer going to TLC. My most favorite thing about camp is my bunk! Sydney, Alexis, Julia, Olivia, Cali, Vivian, Danielle, Casey, Dylan, and Natalie – these girls are awesome and we always have so much fun from playing with a disco ball to chasing one another around the bunk.

Camp has definitely changed me for the good.  Between me and my friends, I’ve learned so many things like healthy things to eat, cool things wear, and doing my own hair! I also learned a lot about how to respect others. I know when someone wants to be alone and when someone needs a friend! I am excited for next summer only 204 days to go till I am back at my home away from home!!!!!!!


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