Chatting with Chewy!

Hey Timber Lake families!! Hope things have been going well since the summer ended! My name is Chewy (my real name is Matthew) and I’m from North Caldwell, New Jersey. I have an older brother, Dan, who went to Timber Lake Camp as well.

It all started in Bunk 4 in 2004 with guys like Zach Dukoff and Louis Coniglio.  However, this past summer was my 7th summer at TLC, but my first one as a counselor. I played 3 years of varsity baseball in high school and was an assistant coach of the victorious 2013 Owner’s Cup team!

After my collegiate summer in 2009, I left the TLC family temporarily as I travelled and attended college programs. But the friends that I made at camp still remained some of my closest friends and drew me back to Timber Lake this past summer. And boy, returning to TLC was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time!

This fall, I started my college career at Cornell University studying in the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations as a pre-business major. It has been a transition, but my experiences of readjusting back to camp life made it that much more comfortable going back to school. And even better, one of my TLC friends, Elani Cohen, has been here at school with me as well. The TLC family is literally everywhere!

What I miss most about camp is the spirit and excitement that everyday would bring whether it was square dancing, Let’s Make a Deal, or even just a league basketball game. The fun never ends at camp! In addition, the bonds that I have formed with my campers and co-counselors are ones that can never be broken. Spending 24 hours a day with each other creates such a closeness that truly can’t be described.

I’m excited to return this coming summer of 2014 and for me, the countdown has already begun! Only 197 more days!!!

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