What an EPIC Conference!

One of our favorite weeks of the year (excluding the entire summer of course) began this past Tuesday Morning as we gathered in Atlantic City for the EPIC (Emerging Professionals In Camping) Conference, which kicks off the Tri-State NY/NJ Camp Conference Camp Professionals.

After a few icebreakers (what would a camp session be without some icebreakers to start off?!), Patrick Donahue, Director in Training from Mawi.Com spoke to all of the attendees. “Patrick brings over 20 years experience as a teacher, administrator and coach to his passion of developing leadership and character in young people.  He was an early pioneer bringing character education to schools in Illinois during the 1990s and has mentored and coached hundreds of young people as well as implementing systematic leadership programs in schools. Patrick is a master facilitator who has created and led thousand of hours of training for both students and adults.”  At the conference, he focused on the “fantastic struggle” and why having a growth mindset compared to a fixed mindset is extremely important in the camping industry.  We must remember that it is about the journey of how we arrive at the end result and not just about the end result!

The TLC Family of Camps have two representatives on the EPIC Planning Committee: Michael Davidowitz from Tyler Hill Camp and Robbie Gothelf from Timber Lake. Other attendees from the TLC Family included; Brett Kotcher from Timber Lake, Deanna Davidowitz from Tyler Hill, Todd Robbins from North Shore Day Camp, and Tom Coffey from Southampton Racquet Club and Camp.

Next week we are looking forward to sharing with all of you how the rest of the Tri-State week continued!

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