The Timber Lake Impact: Perspective from a TLC Family

Dear Mindy & Jay,

As we prepare to send Justin to Timber Lake for his last summer and Sammy for his first, I felt compelled to take a moment to let you know what TLC means to us and share with you the ways that camp has shaped our children.

Having grown up in the Catskills and not attended sleep away camp, I can vividly remember preparing for Justin’s first departure in 2010. I would say to Jon, “Who sends their child away for SEVEN weeks??! I love my kid, why would I do such a thing?”

Jon, having experienced some of his best memories in life at sleep away camp, would just look at me and say, “Jen, trust me. This is all good.” I wasn’t entirely convinced. Fast forward to summer, 2017…

That sweet 9 year old boy is now a (still mostly!) sweet 16 year old young man anxiously awaiting June 24th. After two summers as a freshman, Jack is psyched to have graduated to Cadet status and excited to show Sammy the TLC ropes! Sam CAN NOT believe that after SEVEN years of TLC departures, Visiting Days, STARFISH awards, photos from camp, and watching from the sidelines, it is FINALLY his time to shine.

Although it may sound cliché, the fact is that the friendships made at camp and the life lessons learned carry them far beyond the gates of Timber Lake.

The confidence and independence gained during their seven weeks remains with them for the additional 45 weeks of the year. They are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone in a loving and supportive environment and be their best selves at camp. The pressures of school, sports, and social media seem to slip away with that first breathtaking glance at Saddle Mountain. Not to mention, they are never better to each other than they are when they are at camp. Timber Lake (and hockey!) is something that Justin, Jack and now Sam share, independent of me and Jon, and love equally.

Timber Lake is undeniably the Sherman boys “home away from home.”

With much love and many thanks,

Jen & Jon Sherman

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